Wilho Sjöström, Two Women 1916
Birger Kaipiainen, Culrew1960's
Pekka Halonen Landscape from Koli 1914


Art Foundation Merita fr grants scholarships to artists and art history researchers. The maximum amount for scholarships is EUR 22,000.

The foundation has agreed with the Academy of Fine Arts on cooperation for 2019–2021. This includes that the foundation will grant its award to a Master of Fine Arts who is working on their doctorate in the Academy to enable their art research and artistic work.

The award is granted to an individual who has shown determination both in their artistic work and research and whose work is interesting in relation to current national and international, aesthetic and political themes in modern art. The work of the awarded should also show aspects of developing art research.

The decision on the scholarship recipient(s) will be made by the board of the Art Foundation Merita fr.

The foundation's scholarship 2021 has been awarded to Stephanie Misa. Read more here.

The scholarship is intended as working compensation. All scholarship recipients living in Finland must arrange their pension insurance according to the Farmers' Pensions Act, which also covers grant or scholarship recipients. The names and personal details of scholarship recipients will be submitted to the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) as required by law. More information about social security for scholarship recipients is available from Mela, PL 16, FI-02101 Espoo, tel. +358-20-630-0650 or mela.fi.

Recipients must provide a written report to the foundation on the use of the scholarship within a year of its payment. 

Scholarships granted 2003-2020


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